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Our skin, as our largest organ, plays a key role in detoxifying our body. Unfortunately - sometimes uneven color appears on it, hair grows into it or cellulite begins to appear. And here we can gently help her with an external massage. For special tasks and really deep massage, we recommend a brush with tampico fibers, and for those who are just starting their adventure with brushing or simply have delicate skin - we recommend a brush with bristles.


Dry brushing the body stimulates fat deposits under the skin, massages them and breaks them down, which in turn helps to effectively fight cellulite and stimulate circulation.

By stimulating the lymphatic system and helping to release toxins, dry brushing the body is a powerful detox aid, boosting the immune system and improving circulation.

This treatment is an excellent, natural way to exfoliate the skin and helps remove dead skin cells. Dead skin cells give our skin a tired look and uneven color appears.


All our brushes are of the highest quality thanks to the use of specially heat-treated wood. In our range of brushes, we use different types of bristles with different strengths, matching the bristles / fibers to the type of skin.


Bristle is a medium hard bristle that is good for all skin types. It is the perfect bristle to start brushing your body dry and get your skin accustomed to that kind of touch to slowly move on to the most effective weapon against cellulite: tampico (agave fibers).

NESTED Bristles Body Brush - natural

SKU: C705-47727n