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PIBU BEAUTY koreańskie maseczki w plachcie.JPG

Guided by our motto "Let the skin do the talking", we take inspiration from Korean skin care tradition and focus on the skin. 




Nasze maski PIBU BEAUTY wykonane są z białej mikrofibry, która w dotyku przypomina miękki jedwab. Są nieco grubsze i bardziej miękkie niż większość płacht zrobionych

z bawełny, co sprawia, że lepiej dopasowują się do twarzy.

  Masses with dry, rough skin and a constant feeling of tension?  Have you used various creams and masks, and you still have a hard time moisturizing it?  Your skin is peeling and your pores are enlarged?  

If you answered "yes" to at least one of these questions ,then we have a rescue for you!


Our hydrating and soothing mask is a hit with hits in the mask world. Already after the first use, you will notice a difference, and by using it regularly, you will significantly improve the condition of your skin .  


 Do you want to prepare your skin for makeup?  Is your skin tone uneven and gray?  Does your skin have sun discoloration  and inflammatory?   

Don't worry! We have something for you!


Our illuminating mask is a make-up artist's favorite.  Not only perfectly evens out the skin tone and gives it that natural glow, but also regenerates it nicely. Before using this mask, do a gentle facial scrub and the results will be even better.