A mixture of herbs and spices, which, thanks to its unique composition, subtly influences our body. Ayurvedic infusions help to balance the unbalanced dosha that is in excess. Passive and constant Kapha needs a stimulating "kick".


KAPHA's stoic calm acts to balance the remaining doshas! Kapha is the embodiment of its element - Earth. Static, helpful and long-distance. She has a lot of resources ... but it's hard to move! In Kapha WAKE UP you will find licorice to increase blood pressure and warm ginger. The mixture is extremely aromatic.

AYURSOFIA KAPHA Herbal Infusion Tea - PEACE 50 G

  • LUKRECJON - adaptogen, increases blood pressure, has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties

    CLOVES - has anesthetic and refreshing properties

    FENNEL - calms the mind, increases libido, reduces flatulence Fenugreek - regulates blood sugar levels, increases libido, stimulates the appetite

    CINNAMON - anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and warming properties

    ANISE - supports the treatment of colic and arthritis, regulates the production of sebum

    GINGER - warms up, regulates digestive enzymes, reduces toxins in the body, good for joints, adds energy





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